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The McCartney Experience is the ultimate tribute to Paul McCartney.  But Jed Duvall (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano) isn’t just a look alike in appearance, mannerism, and musical talent.  He, along with his band of seasoned musicians bring authenticity to a whole new level playing music from the early years of Beatlemania and throughout the career of the Fab Four.  However, unlike many Beatle tributes, the band expertly performs hits from McCartney's days with Wings as well as his solo career. But the journey from Beatle fan to one of the most sought-after McCartney tribute bands is certainly a “long and winding road.”
Growing up in a small farming community in Southern Maryland, Duvall had music all around him; the country music station in his father’s pickup, the Broadway show tunes his mother would play on the family record player, and the hymns sung in church as a member of the choir. His parents lived in England before Jed was born, so a deep appreciation of all things British was instilled in the family from an early age. “When the Beatles became popular, they were certainly popular in my household,” Duvall remembers. “Even my mother, who wasn’t a big fan of rock music, loved those ‘Beatle Boys.’”
As a teenager Duvall enjoyed music but his great love was theatre. “Any time there was a part in a school play, I’d jump at it. Slipping into a character was very comfortable for me,” says Duvall.  “I thought that when I graduated high school, I’d go out to Hollywood and be a movie star.”  That plan was derailed in high school while attending a performance by a local Elvis impersonator. Duvall was mesmerized by the performance even though he’d never been a big Elvis fan.  Duvall started developing his own act, and after graduation, joined the Army and began performing at various Army bases. After his discharge, Duvall applied for—and was accepted to—the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts and lived in New York for several years working as an actor, musician, and record store employee. Eventually, the lure of the city wore off and Duvall returned to Maryland, got married, raised children and got a “real” job.
But the idea of performing didn’t wane and after seeing a McCartney concert in 2009, Duvall began creating a McCartney tribute. “I’d seen plenty of Beatle tribute bands, but I never saw an act committed completely to just Paul McCartney,” says Duvall.  Always a stickler for authenticity, Duvall began taking bass lessons.  And while he’s a naturally righty, he was determined not only to play the bass well, but to play it left-handed. “I’ve seen some guys playing the part right-handed. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’ll bet a lot of people don’t even notice,” says Duvall. “But I do!”
Seeing The McCartney Experience is like seeing Paul McCartney in a more intimate, personal setting. “Like many, I’ve gone to McCartney concerts and seen a tiny figure on a stage so far away, it’s easier to watch the video feed,” says Duvall.  “I try to give the audience the chance to experience Paul on a personal level and give them the feeling that they’re actually watching him perform.”  This attention to detail has resulted in sold out shows and rave reviews. Even Tom Freston, founder of MTV observed “You close your eyes…it’s Paul McCartney. You open them…IT’S STILL PAUL McCARTNEY!” With shows booked throughout the year, this “band on the run” continues to keep the fans of Paul McCartney amazed—not “maybe” but definitely!
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